Celebrating Jesus as our Resurrection and Life

Posted on April 17, 2017.

"Christians are Easter People living in a Good Friday World." 


Thinking about this quote made me realize that so many times, Christians live life without the joy of the Resurrection. So many times we come to the idea of Christianity and expect what Christ will do for us...we come to Christ as simply consumers and want things from Christ. We forget that the message of Easter is who Christ is for us! Jesus declared in John 11:25 that He is "The Resurrection and the Life", that Jesus was telling Martha, Mary and us today that we celebrate who He is for us! That when we go through the darkness of trials where there is no light of tomorrow, do we simply rejoice knowing the fact that our savior is with us and will help us overcome. That is why we celebrate Easter! That is why we are able to rejoice. Martha knew that Lazarus would raise again. But Jesus says to experience the power of the resurrection now. The reason why we don’t know the joy of Christianity is because we haven’t experience Him and the power of his resurrection today!


What does this mean if this is true? It can change everything, including the way that we view death. It’s not about what Christ will do for you, but what Christ has done already. That’s why Easter is so important! That we have the power over death. Today, if you are hurting and are asking “God, where are you?” He’s there and He loves you. He wants you to come to Him and to know who HE is. Will you embrace Him? I’m not saying that those trials and tribulations will go away but you will find the strength that you will never experience before. You will have hope that is found in Him. This world is not the end and we can look at the world with joy and confidence. It gives us great hope and joy in the midst of trials and hardships.


Soli Deo Gloria!