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EM 목사 Ariel Flores

I was born on Sept 4, 1979. I grew up mostly in Granada Hills after moving here when my dad retired from the Navy in 1989. I became a Christian in my Junior year of high school, my friends in school having been really strong influences in my life. 

I graduated from Granada Hills High school in 1997 and went to Cal State Univ Northridge. I had always wanted to be in the Navy. That changed while serving in College Ministry God began to impress in my heart to pastoral ministry. 

 After college I enrolled at Westminster Seminary California in Escondido, CA. I knew from the beginning I wanted to be a chaplain and that was my goal throughout my time in Seminary. 

I am married to Sunny Jang, whom was a classmate of mine in high school and was part of the same youth group. We have been married since 2007 and have 2 children: Zephaniah Dae Hyun Flores and Zoe Ji Hyun Flores. 

I am currently Senior Chaplain at Providence Holy Cross medical center. It is my role to help patients find meaning through their hospitalization, many times through life altering and life ending situations. I assist patients and their families cope through these difficult times by leaning into the pain and helping them with their spirituality. 

I believe in the Reformed view of theology and Redemptive-Historic approach to preaching, where we are to see Christ in all passages of Scripture. 

 I love to read Scienfe Fiction and history books. I am also a big fan of Star Wars, the Denver Broncos and the LA Lakers. 


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